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Tammy Stamps: Guestbook

Natalie Archer

February 14, 2014

I would like to highly recommend Tammy Stamps for her private Tae Kwon Do lessons. She always shows up on time and her lessons are organized. She has a definite teaching plan and incorporates self defense into her tae kwon do lessons. She earns kids' respect by being respectful herself. I was amazed at the material that she was able to teach my kids with a once a week lesson. They became confident and looked forward to the lessons.

Denver Little

April 27, 2012

Hi Ms. Stamps! Its been awhile, great to see that you are doing well. Awesome to see that you are pursuing a music career, it sounds great. Hopefully our paths will cross sometime in the future. Best wishes.

Marvin & Wei-Wei Connet

April 14, 2011

Love the additions of the new songs! Great choices. You can bet we'll be heading over to CD Baby (dot) com to download them. You gave a great concert.... and it's kewl having some of your new songs you sang there. ROCK ON!

charlie Knight

February 25, 2011

Great web site. Will plan on being at concert.

Avoice from the past

Dustin Hawkins

January 5, 2011

Incredible music! I was shocked to look at that old picture of us after a tournament. My wife thought it was great to see a picture of me so young and wearing gold medals.


September 7, 2010

Hi, nice website, I think you are awesome :)

Josh Lebeda

August 27, 2010

Ms.Stamps you are a wonderful person and it was such a blessing to be taught by you.

dan weaver

July 23, 2010

Dear Tammy-- what a beautiful website. I'm so enjoying you being in the car with me; thanks for your cd...Jamie has the other.

Is there a story behind Free?


February 25, 2010

Ms Stamps and Taekwondo helped me become the person I am today. I would not trade her eight years of teaching for anything else in the world. What I learned from her is priceless and I could not be where I am today without it.

Carolyn Lay

February 23, 2010

Having trained under Master Stamps for more than four years, there is no doubt she
is the best instructor for taekwondo and self-defense. Her attention to detail and
discipline will help anyone with their fitness goals and self confidence. I did not
have any experience with martial arts or athletics when I first started training
with Master Stamps. After four years, I tested for my first degree black belt in
taekwondo. Her support and instruction is the key reason for my success and I
wholeheartedly recommend her lessons.


February 19, 2010

I trained with Ms. Stamps for 11 years. She is an amazing instructor in Taekwondo (TKD). Through TKD I gained self-confidence which in turn helped me to be a more outgoing person. Even if you take TKD just to learn self-defense (like I did) you'll be amazed at how much pride you'll have in your accomplishments. My journey through TKD has helped shape me into the person I am today.

Lmc 12

November 19, 2009

Your music and your message have inspired me to be a better person, more full of life and joyful. I now live life to the fullest and love my dog very much. The fact that you are in martial arts is awesome you truly are a blessed woman...... ROCK ON! STAMPS

Beth Biggers

September 25, 2009

Tammy, you are an amazing woman, and you always surprise me!

Matt Wood

July 13, 2009

Hi, it was nice talking with you on the plane today. You have very beautiful music. We have a few things in common. I didn't mention it but I also have played guitar for many years and am a brown belt in Kenpo. I noticed you are a 5th degree black belt (wow!). I'm a brown belt in Kenpo - I should be a fifth degree black belt by now but that's a long story. Well, good luck on your recovery. I'm sure you'll do fine.

Jean Burke

May 23, 2009

Tammy....The day was too short. So wonderful to see you again and you are such an inspiration to all o

Trina Froschheiser

April 16, 2009

Well blow me away!!!!!


February 28, 2009

Tammy's music will "take you away," but the real beauty is it brings you back to a safe, secure and grounded place -- where FREEdom truly lives. Tammy, it is an honor and a delight to know you. You and your music are like a breath of fresh air.

Angel Wilson

December 15, 2008

Hi miss stamps its me Angel Amanda And Aaron Horner daughter!
step kid. ya I miss you so much and im so happy for you cause you got in your music!!!! i will always look up to you as my hero! and in my heart!!!!!!!!!!!


September 4, 2008

It was over 12 years ago that I told you to go for it with your singing and songwriting. Glad to see you finally did it! I knew you would be a GREAT SUCCESS.



March 29, 2008

your music is very soothing and relaxing and almost theraputic,you are a person of many talents,and a great exsample to all, Iam glad to know you. keep up the great music.

Mike Claassen

March 24, 2008

I don't think I have ever heard you sing! It is beautiful!


February 7, 2008

Love Love Love to here you sing!!! The kids and I listen to your CD all the time can't wait till the next one. We love ya

Marvin B. Connet

February 7, 2008

I am pleased to tell the world that I'm excited they can get to hear the singer/songwriter I got hear back in college. Not going to say when that is because my arm still hurts from specifying that to people before -- in Tammy's presence. Love the new website. I especially love the picture on you on the swing. I knew there was a kid still at heart lurking inside of you. Keep singing. Break a leg in the studio. Looking forward to the 2nd CD.

Rosa Sullivan

February 6, 2008

Hey, Miss stamps I did not know you could sing. Great job! If the whole family can get out on the same night we are going to try and make it to your show. Best of Luck in your new career. It sounds very exciting and we are so proud of you. We always knew there was something more specail to you than meets the eye. WIth lots of lov the Nave"s and Sullivan's

Roger Smith

February 6, 2008

Looks very good and I am indeed pleased to say I know you.

February 2, 2008

Your site is wonderful!